Development Innovation Center, an institution for the promotion of entrepreneurship, research and development is established by the Sibenik-Knin County. The Central Finance and Contracting Agency has approved within IPA program funds for its arrangement and equipment. Apart from the EU funds, the project is co-financed by the Šibenik-Knin County. Facilities intended for activities connected to regional development and encouragement of entrepreneurship in development of new technologies and final products are being equipped in an ex-military complex that was given to the city of Šibenik by the state. Maritime Innovation Center iNAVIS is also located in the same facilities.

The facilities consist of a laboratory for testing the quality of aluminium products and other metal products, construction bureau and workshop for construction of models of final products, exhibition area for innovators, conference hall intended for education of entrepreneurs, primarily in new technologies - 3D product design and preparation for CNC production, holding meetings, presentations, center for renewable energy sources, center for clusters and office for EU projects.

The size of the center is approximately 800 m2. Apart from arrangement and equipment of the facilities, activities connected to education of regional and local government employees as well as entrepreneurs in usage of new technologies in production (of mostly aluminium products) also take place in the facilities. The project lasts until December 2015.



Testing the mechanical and chemical properties of metal and non-metal products

Research and development

CNC Machining Center

Metal and plastic materials processing services to entrepreneurs

5-axis machining center, CNC milling machine, CNC lathe and semi-automatic band saw


Construction bureau

3D design of new products

3D print of new products

Prototype workshop

Construction of prototypes using classic machines and tools


Center for clusters

Connecting entrepreneurs, institutions for stimulation of entrepreneurship and scientific community

Commercialization of innovations

Office for EU funds

Preparation and execution of developmental projects financed from EU funds


Center for renewable energy sources

Promotion of the usage of renewable energy sources

Information on subsidies for increasing energy efficiency

Education center

Education of entrepreneurs and their employees

Life-long education in cooperation with the Technical School in Šibenik

Retraining for scarce occupations